Advanced studies

Fatigue and endurance
Oxidation of Al powders
Road unevenness characterization and modelling
Hard nanostructured coatings
Novel pressure assisted reactive synthesis for the preparation of functionally graded Mo/Mo silicide composites
Percolation theory: conductivity and mechanical properties of metallic foams and porous solids
Finite element analysis of mechanical behaviour of materials
Deformation behaviour of materials studied by digital image correlation method
Microsegregation behaviour of main alloying elements in a peritectic TiAl based alloy
Columnar to equiaxed transformation in TiAl based alloys
The effect of selected oxide ceramic moulds on the contamination of TiAl based alloys
Solidification path, high temperature phase equilibria and the effect of solidification parameters on microstructure during directional solidification of TiAl based alloys
Degradation of microstructure and mechanical properties of single crystalline nickel based superalloys
Solidification behaviour of single crystalline nickel based superalloys