Advanced studies

The Institute performs basic research in the field of material engineering and mechanical engineering.

Basic research in the field of material engineering is focused on understanding of processes in materials during their laboratory/industrial preparation and understanding of relation between internal structure of materials and their mechanical and physical propreties. The basic reserach is oriented to gain and/or broaden knowledge which may potentially find use in development of advanced metallic materials, especially composites, metallic foams, nanostructured materials and intermetallic alloys using modern technologies, such as pressure infiltration, plasma spraying, unidirectional solidification of melt, deposit methods joined with pressing, powder metallurgy, nanotechnology, etc. as well as to the research of their physical and mechanical properties on the basis of knowledge of their structures.
Basic research of the Institute in the field of mechanical engineering is oriented mainly to the applied mechanics with emphasis on the research of materials and structures including composites, theory of noise and vibration insulation, acoustic elasticity, destructive and non-destructive testing of materials and structures, in-service life of structures under conditions of fatigue and creep, in conjuction with stress-strain analyses, numerical computations and simulations.

The Institute welcoms potential partners to participate in basic research projects including interdisciplinary ones.