Advanced technologies

The Institute owns and develops unique technologies for manufacturing of materials in its R&D field, including vacuum metallurgy, plasma melting, directional solidification, magnetron sputtering, gas pressure infiltration, foaming of aluminium and various advanced powder metallurgy techniques such as hot and cold isostatic pressing (CIP, HIP), equal channel angular pressing  (ECAP), extrusion or forging of powder mixtures, further advanced techniques for rapid manufacturing of prototypes from the developed materials such as 3D printing, investment casting using printed models, foaming assisted casting, etc.

The Institute offers its partners to ulitise its technological equipment through collaborative projects/contracts.
In very special cases the Institute is able to develop a new technology and manufacture technology equipment as required by customer. The Institute especially preferes such projects of technology and/or equipment development that are preceded by development of a new material for which the technology/equipment is dedicated.

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