Method of production of component from metal foam, component produced by said method and mould for the realization of said method
Composite for heat conduction with high temperature resistance
Method for controlled alloying of intermetallic alloys with γ-TiAl carbon during vacuum induction melting in graphite crucibles
Superconductor wire based on MgB2 core with Al based sheath and method of its production
Magnetic absorber of vibration, operating on base of eddy-current
Method for strengthening a component consisting of a deformable cellular material, said component and the use thereof
Method of producing molded bodies of a metal foam
Composite material for implants, its use and method of its production
Bioactive composite metal
Method of electricity production, heat and cold using the energy of solar and wind and energy from the earth’s crust and its utilizing in design of energy autonomous buildings
Method and device for producing dimensionally accurate foam
High temperature nano composite aluminium alloy and method therefore
Process for producing lightweight-building panels out of two metal sheets, which are joined with each other and an insulating core
Method for producing foamed metal composites
Metal matrix fiber reinforced composite material and its preparation
Compounds Cu-C, Ag-C and Au-C for sliding electric contacts with the highest current density