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Fibre coating

General description

Diffusion bonding of coated multifilament fibre tows is used for the preparation of metal matrix composites (MMCs). Some coated layers prevent reaction between fibres and matrix or increase the surface wettability of fibres by molten metal.

Principle of operation

Metal coatings on continuous multifilament carbon fibre tows can be obtained by various technologies, such as chemical vapour deposition (CVD) process, physical vapour deposition (PVD) process, autocatalytic (electroless) plating process, electrolytic (galvanic), etc. All methods related to metals deposition on strand of fibres have common problem – i.e. how to spread effectively the tow at the beginning of the deposition process.

Typical applications

Preparation of copper matrix/carbon fibre composite.
Nickel coating of carbon fibres to increase electric conductivity in polymer matrix composites.
Copper coated T300Copper coated of Torayca T-300 carbon fibres
FabricFabric made from copper coated carbon fibre tow
Ni coated carbon fibresCross sectional view of Ni coated carbon fibres
Energy vs. countsEDS spectrum acquired from Ni coating (point +)
Ni coated CFNi coated carbon fibre tow
C fibre surface morphologyNi coating imprinting the C fibre surface morphology