Introducing our new colleague - doc. Ing. Erika Hodúlová, PhD.

Doc. Ing. Erika Hodúlová PhD. was a long-term scientific and research worker at MTF STU. During her tenure at the faculty, she was involved in solving several scientific and research projects; besides, she was the leading researcher of VEGA and APVV projects in general and bilateral calls. He publishes the results of his scientific and research activities achieved in cooperation with important foreign universities and institutions in peer-reviewed scientific journals and lectures at international and domestic conferences. She is registered in many Slovak and foreign professional databases, the most important of which is the IIW (International Institute of Welding). In the IIW, she holds the position of delegate for the Slovak Republic; at the same time, she works in commission XVII. "Brazing, soldering, and diffusion welding" and chairs the subcommittee XVII-C "Soldering". She is a member of the editorial board of the influential magazine Welding in the World, published within the framework of IIW. From January 2023, she is part of the team of the division of microstructure of surfaces and interfaces at IMSAS, where she will participate in the preparation and solution of projects in the field of joining materials, evaluating structural and mechanical properties, and publishing in current content journals. Another crucial area she will focus on is developing foreign cooperation and connecting domestic and foreign universities with IMSAS, v.v.i..