Charity is in our blood.

      Institute of Materials and Machine Mechanics SAS became part of the wonderful two-day charity event Kvapka krvi SAV, which took place on April 16 and 17, 2024 on the premises of our institution. We all know that blood cannot be replaced or artificially created, so it is up to us as humans to realize that donation should be a natural part of our lives as long as we are healthy. After all, we never know when we or our loved ones will need blood.
      For two days, the National Transfusion Station of the Slovak Republic mobile team from OC Kramáre equipped almost 80 registered donors from SAS employees. Among the donors, some brave first-time donors entered the collection room cautiously and with slight tension, but thanks to the supervision of the experienced NTS mobile team, everything went smoothly and we believe that the newbies will become experienced and regular donors.
      On the second day of the event, which coincidentally fell on the international day of hemophilia, a lecture by Doc. RNDr. Oľga Pecháňová, DrSc. from the Center for Experimental Medicine SAV, v.v.i., who clearly explained to us the very complicated process of blood circulation in the body, what blood is made of and, most importantly, how to take care of ourselves to have healthy blood vessels. This enlightening session was attended not only by our generous donors but also by high school students, further enriching the educational aspect of our event.
         We thank all colleagues from SAS who came and selflessly donated blood. Many thanks also go to the main organizer of SAS, the strategic development department, for a great idea and organization.
We are already looking forward to the continuation of this event because charity is in our blood.