Doctoral storm

May 15, 2024, was dedicated to young people at the SAS campus. The first year of the Doctoral Storm event was held, and it was intended for those interested in doctoral (PhD.) studies at SAS and young scientific workers. The organizer of the event was the Committee of Young Scientists of the SAS.
The Doctoral Storm's main goal was to present study options for graduates of the second level of universities. Scientists from more than 20 institutes were prepared with posters and various other exciting results of their research, with which they wanted to present their work to young students. Of course, there was sufficient information about the currently published dissertation topics offered by individual SAS institutes.
Institute of Materials and Machine Mechanics SAS could not miss this exciting event. Our experienced trainers - doc. Ing. Erika Hodúlová, PhD., who has extensive experience in leading and teaching students in the field of welding, Ing. Martin Balog, PhD. excellent scientist in the field of powder metallurgy and development of new materials, further Ing. Jaroslav Kováčik, PhD., whose work is focused, among other things, on the effective use of solar energy in metallurgy, was ready to answer the curious questions of potential doctoral students. At our stand, visitors could learn about the scientific results of our institute, what advantages we offer to students, or what innovative scientific disciplines we deal with. For potential interested parties, we also had the possibility of a personal excursion in our laboratories so that their real science experience would be as realistic as possible.
 The SAS chairman, Prof. Dr. Pavol Šajgalík, delivered the opening speech, along with SAV Presidium member Dr. Michal Kšinan. The event included a varied program, great food, and music.