International conference MATRIB 2023 in Vela Luka, Croatia

From 29.06 to 01.07.2023, the international conference MATRIB 2023 was held in Vela Luka, Croatia, which we co-organize with our Croatian colleagues from the Croatian Society for Materials and Tribology (HDMT), which is an association of experts, professional organizations, companies and companies involved in development, testing and application technical materials. The conference program was full of exciting presentations and opportunities for joint meetings between experts and participants not only during the main conference program but also in the informal environment of the evening social event. Among the conference speakers were prominent experts from the host country and representatives of foreign universities such as Dublin University of Technology. For IMMS SAS Ing. Martin Balog, PhD. with Bioresorbable ultrafine-grained Zn composite stabilized by nano ZnO form implantology, Ing. Peter Krížik PhD. with the topic The mechanical properties and creep behavior of thermally stable ultrafine-grained Al stabilized by nano thick Al2O3 network determined at elevated temperatures by small punch testing, Ing. Martin Nosko, Ph.D., who presented témou In -situ AI-AIN metal matrix composites fabricated industrially at a large scale and Mgr. Veronika Nagy Trembošová, with the topic Corrosion enhancement of PM processed magnesium by turning native oxide on Mg powders into carbonates, with which she impressed the organizers and the expert jury so much that she became the winner of the prize for the best presentation of the conference. Congratulations!