A new bilateral project within the Mobility program SAS - CSIC

Investigation of the corrosion resistance of duplex steel joints by dual laser beam welding Research on the corrosion resistance of duplex steels welded with a dual laser beam.

IMMM SAS this year begins to solve a new bilateral project in cooperation with the Spanish National Research Council, National Center for Metallurgical Research (CENIM-CSIC), Madrid, of which we are appropriately proud and believe that the international project team will create unique scientific outputs as part of this cooperation.
The ambition of the project is a thorough investigation of the effect of the introduced heat on the corrosion resistance of the welded joints, which were created using a dual laser beam. The team of solvers will evaluate the achieved microstructure of the weld joint and the effect of the ferrite/austenite ratio on their corrosion resistance. The main goal is to optimize the method of evaluating sensitivity to pitting and intercrystalline corrosion and comprehensively evaluate the critical temperature for pitting corrosion.
Our study will provide a deep insight into the effect of heat on the corrosion resistance of welded joints, which may have significant implications for the optimization of welding processes and the development of durable welds in various industries. We anticipate that our findings will be beneficial for a better understanding and improvement of the safety and reliability of welds in various applications.
The project will be implemented in 2024-2025.