Science week - Nomadic laboratory

On November 9, 2023, during the week of science and technology, the two institutes of the SAS moved to the primary school with Kindergarten behind the barracks, where class 4.C was transformed into a temporary science laboratory. Twenty-five students of the mentioned school became scientists who experimented under the guidance of scientific workers from the Institute of Materials and Machine Mechanics of the SAV, v.v.i. and from the Institute of Polymers SAV, v.v.i. Scientific demonstrations were carried out in five groups, in which students learned about phenomena and sets of phenomena interactively. In a group under the leadership of Erika Hodúlová, the students investigated magnetism. They explained physical quantities such as pressure, vacuum, or surface tension with the help of several experiments with Tomáš Dvorák, Anita Eckstein, and Alena Opálková Šišková. Finally, the students explored how hydraulics work and learned where they are used everywhere with Helena Švajdlenková.
The impressions of this event were favorable from the students, but also from the teacher, Mgr. V. Slezáková. "We liked the demonstrations on the practical side because we often don't have time to experiment at school during classes. However, we also liked the event on the thematic side, as this semester, we are taking over the curriculum related to physical quantities and magnetism. The nomadic laboratory was planned at the best time'. The teacher summarized at the end of the event.