New high temperature composite materials for turbochargers

Project start:01.07.2016
Project end:30.06.2020
Project number:APVV-15-0660
Institute position in the project:The only one project investigator
Project leader:Juraj Lapin
Project is focused on the basic research in the field of lightweight high-temperature materials designated particularly for the turbocharger turbine wheels of combustion engines. The new type of in-situ composites with lamellar γ(TiAl) + α2(Ti3Al) matrix reinforced with carbo-nitride particles will be prepared by additions of Ti(C,N) particles into the melts prepared from TiAl-based alloys and their casting. The emphasis will be given to the mutual substitution of N and C to affect the chemical composition and properties of the reinforcing particles. The basic aspects of microstructure formation of the in-situ composites during solidification and solid phase transformations will be explained. The properties of the composites will be affected by morphology, volume fraction and chemical composition of the reinforcing carbo-nitride particles and by microstructure of the intermetallic matrix. The relationships between the microstructure of the composites and their mechanical properties will be defined. Numerical simulation models will be proposed to predict deformation behaviour of the studied materials. The validity and precision of the numerical calculations will be verified by the experimental data from the mechanical tests and simulation deformation experiments. Besides new basic knowledge in the field of the microstructure formation, thermodynamic stability of phases and mechanical properties of these new in-situ composites, the project will result in innovative materials solutions for turbine wheels and innovative processing technology for applied research and industry.
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