Visiting the University of Zagreb

On May 26 to 29, 2024, we, scientists from ÚMMS SAS, v.v.i. Dr. Naďa Beronská, Dr. Jaroslav Kováčik, and Dr. Tomáš Dvorák - participated in a working meeting at the University of Zagreb, specifically at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture. The meeting occurred with a team of scientists led by Professor Ana Pilipovic from the University of Zagreb and Professor Mustafa Ozcanli from the Sugar University in Adana from Turkey.

The main topic of the meeting was evaluating previous cooperation in the field of processing biodegradable waste and its potential use in composite materials with a polymer matrix. The interviews took place in a friendly atmosphere.

Based on the meeting's conclusions, it emerged that the cooperation and results demonstrated the potential for continued research in the given area. This research can bring innovative solutions and contribute to developing technologies for the processing of biodegradable waste and its application in composite materials with a polymer matrix.