Summer school of young scientists 2023 at IMMM SAS

In the days 17.-21.07. the Summer School of Young Scientists was also held this year, and our institute was again a part of it. We can boldly declare that it is already one of our traditional summer activities that we look forward to.
This year, we chose up to 4 curious students who spent a whole week learning the material research of metal coins and its pitfalls. They started from the beginning by studying the history of coins. Subsequently, they began examining the materials of selected Euro and Czech coins. They observed the properties of individual materials and their chemical composition using several analyses, e.g., chemical and thermal analysis. Furthermore, students had to master the metallographic preparation of samples, which meant cutting coins, casting in a press, grinding, or etching, which allowed them to look deeper into the material's structure. The microstructure of the samples was observed using a light and electron microscope.
The young scientists carefully marked all the acquired knowledge and research conclusions because, at the end of the week, they transferred all the knowledge and experience to a poster that they presented to parents and other summer school participants at the closing ceremony. The feedback was excellent. We believe that valuable information from the field of material research will also be helpful in physics and chemistry classes.
Thank you All4Science, o.z. team for the organization and commitment to the preparation of this year's summer school; you are great.