Students from Jur Hronec Gymnasium experimented with Creative Science.

On May 6, 2024, we were happy to welcome a group of students from Jur Hronec Gymnasium in Bratislava to our institution.
For the students, we prepared at first glance complicated, but as they found out in the process of experimentation, straightforward physics tasks, in which they had a great opportunity to test their knowledge from physics lessons. For example, they were tasked with figuring out the fastest way to freeze water. :-)
After a series of exciting experiments, we also took them through the scientific laboratories at our institute. Dr. Tomáš Dvorák from the Division of Microstructures of Surfaces and Interfaces explained the process of carbonization and how the division experiments with organic waste, and Dr. Matej Štěpánek from the Division of New Materials and Technologies introduced them to the process of powder metallurgy, in a straightforward and tasty way. This activity transported the students back to their childhood days, as they could press their candy in our Candy po(w)der manufactory and taste it. From the beginning, they didn't believe they would be so excited about it, so they pressed and pressed... :-).
We believe it is important to support the young generation so that they not only passively receive information but also actively participate in the process of discovering the world around them, asking questions and critically checking their answers.
That is why we used the system program Creative Science, which focused on the development of critical thinking and creative education in elementary schools and eight-year high schools, implemented by the institutes of the Slovak Academy of Sciences and supported by the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic, as a template for the selected experiments. The program is the result of a combination of scientific research and practical educational methods, making it a unique tool for supporting students' creative development. It focuses on the implementation of innovative pedagogical approaches and teaching tools. One of the program's main goals is to bring to schools a sustainable concept of activities that create space for the development of students' critical and scientific thinking in an experiential way. (for more info click here). This interactive event with curious students was valuable feedback and a practical demonstration of how students can cope with seemingly tricky tasks, work together, and practically use theoretically acquired knowledge.
We thank every one of you who participated in the event with Creative Science, wee eagerly anticipate your next visit.