Spring science school at SAS

Spring science school for children aged 5 to 10 was held on 28. 2. – 4. 3. 2022. Ten little "scientists" had a week full of fun, experiments, and a lot of new knowledge. Institute of Materials and Machine Mechanics, SAS, provided facility of Institute and participated in the program. Colleagues Dr. Miroslav Čavojský and Ľudmila Padúchová revealed the secrets of metallic materials to skilled young scientists and introduced them to a fascinating world under a microscope.
In addition to the Institute of Materials and Machine Mechanics, SAS also the GeorgeScience educational platform, Polymer Institute of SAS,  Institute of Molecular Biology, SAS, Institute of Zoology, SAS, Institute for Heart Research, CEM, SAS, and also the All4Science, o.z. have been involved.
At other institutes of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, children gained valuable knowledge about the separation and recycling of plastics, proper lifestyle, and the effect of physical activity on the heartbeat, learned a lot about bacteria, and found out what feeds silkworms or cockroaches.
In addition to a lot of knowledge in the camp, the children also gained new friends with similar interests. Thanks to the planned summer science camp in July 2022, we will see the little "scientists" again, and perhaps this will not be the last.