Seminar of doctoral students

We closed the summer month of July at the Institute of Materials and Machine Mechanics SAS with a periodical seminar for our doctoral students. This time, up to four of our doctoral students presented the results of their scientific research for their dissertation:
1. Ing. Lucia Kopčanová - Research on the use of a dual laser beam and its effect on the resulting properties of welded joints of duplex steels.
2. Mgr. Veronika Nagy Trembošová - Study of surface modification of Mg powders with possible use for biomedical purposes.
3. Ing. Kateryna Ulybkina – Resistance of high-strength complex concentrated alloys to hydrogen embrittlement.
4. MSc. Selim Burak Cantűrk - Changes in the interface microstructure of composite materials based on copper and carbon prepared by pressure infiltration.
During the seminar, we had the opportunity to look into the "scientific kitchen" of young scientists and, at the same time, discuss at a high professional level the chosen work procedures, methods, and possibilities for improving their further work. As every time, it was also an enriching meeting with the institute's scientific personalities, who contributed their experiences and perspectives, but also, as part of the training, well-founded questions, which we believe our doctoral students appreciated.
We wish the young scientists a lot of creative ene