Large capacity air purifier utility model registration.

On October 26, 2022, Notice of registration UV 9614 (PUV 50008-2022) of the Large-capacity air purifier from pathogens in aerosols was published in the Bulletin of the ÚPV SR No. 22.
The large-capacity purifier works on the principle of rapid heating of the air to a high temperature of up to 200°C, which allows for easy and reliably destroy or deactivation of pathogens contained in the air in a large volume, without unwanted effects on the environment with the presence of people and animals.
Technology can be used in many areas where prevention of aerosol infection is necessary - in hospitals, schools, cinemas and theaters, gymnasiums, congress halls, and restaurants, but also in closed production areas with a large movement of personnel or in means of transport (trains, airplanes, buses).
The advantage of the technical solution of the purifier prototype is the high flow capacity of the device with minimal energy requirements, it does not need an operator, can work autonomously and continuously, low noise level (below 40dB), and low requirements for regular operation maintenance, does not contain any filters or components with a limited lifespan, compared to purifiers using UV radiation or ozone, does not cause overheating of the surrounding air, nor does it dry it out, suitable for decontamination of premises from human coronaviruses ( e.g. SARS-CoV-2).
The Institute of Materials and Machine Mechanics  SAS and Biomedical Center  SAS was involved in the development of the new air purifier, and the company Aplik s.r.o. participated in its construction.
We are currently looking for a partner for licensing or selling the technology.
Dr. František Simančík, Bratislava
Ing. Ivan Žiška, Bratislava