Method for strengthening a component consisting of a deformable cellular material, said component and the use thereof

Inventors: Simančík, FrantišekJerz, Jaroslav  
Applicant: Institute of Materials and Machine Mechanics SAS (SR).  
Original application on 4. 4. 2003 - SK20030000425,
Publication number: SK4252003
PCT application on 1. 4. 2004 - WO2004EP50419, JP20060505512T,
Publication number: WO2004087981, EP1611262, JP2006523536T
EP1611262 B1 granted: 16.5.2007
AT362554T T granted: 15.6.2007
DE502004003841D D1 granted: 28.6.2007
ES2285453T T3 granted: 16.11.2007