Ing. Martin Balog, PhD.

vedecký pracovník

  02 3240-1020


PhD., Materials engineering and threshold states of materials
Ing., Master of Science, Mechanical Engineering

Employment history, Academic and professional appointments

Staff Scientist
employed from 2007 Fulbright research fellowship
01-06/2014 Go8 fellowship
04-09/2009 Industrial placement, CC Composites production
07-08/2004 Work&Travel USA
06-10/2003 Research Assistance, Civil Service
2001-2002 Work&Travel USA

Selected publications

Krizik P., Balog M., Nosko M., Riglos M.V.C., Dvorak J., Bajana O., Ultrafine-grained Al composites reinforced with in-situ Al3Ti filaments, Mater. Sci. Eng., A 657 (2016) 6-14.

Krizik P., Balog M., Matko I., Svec Sr. P., Cavojsky M., Simancik F., The effect of a particle-matrix interface on the Young’s modulus of Al/SiC composites, J. Compos. Mater. 50 (2016) 99-108.

Balog M., Hu T., Krizik P., Riglos M.V.C., Saller B.D., Yang H., Schoenung J.M., Lavernia E.J., On the thermal stability of ultrafine-grained Al stabilized by in-situ amorphous Al2O3 network, Mater. Sci. Eng., A 648 (2015) 61-71.

M. Balog, F. Simancik, P. Krizik, M. Nosko, W. Rajner, M. Walcher, M. Qian, Novel ultrafine-grained aluminium metal matrix composites prepared from fine atomized Al powders, In Light Metals 2014 : Proceedings of the symposia TMS 2014 Annual Meeting & Exhibition. - New Jersey : Wiley (2014) 1425-1430.

Balog M., Krizik P., Nosko M., Hajovska Z., Riglos M.V.C., Rajner W., Liu D.-S., Simancik F., Forged HITEMAL: Al-based MMCs strengthened with nanometric thick Al2O3 skeleton, Mater. Sci. Eng., A 613 (2014) 82–90.

Kovacik J., Balog M., Emmer S., Electrical conductivity and hardness of Cu-graphite composite after ECAP, Kovove Mater. 52 (2014)

Krizik P., Balog M., Illekova E., Svec Sr. P., Matko I., Stepanek M., Nosko M., Simancik F., The oxidation behavior of gas-atomized Al and Al alloy powder green compacts during heating before hot extrusion and the suggested heating process, Journal of Materials Processing Technology (2014) 1165-1172.

Balog M., Krizik P., Yan M., Simancik F., Schaffer G.B., Qian M., SAP-like ultrafine-grained Al composites dispersion strengthened with nanometric AlN, Mater. Sci. Eng., A 588 (2013) 181-187.

Balog M., Yu P., Qian M., Behulova M., Svec Sr. P., Cicka R., Nanoscaled Al-AlN composites consolidated by equal channel angular pressing (ECAP) of partially in situ nitrided Al powder, Mater. Sci. Eng., A 562 (2013) 190-195.

Vierke J., Schumacher G., Balog M., Nagy J., Simancik F., Wollgarten M., Banhart J., Plastic deformation of Al85Ni10La5 by Equal Channel Angular Pressing, Mater. Sci. Eng., A 558 (2012) 64-69.

Balog M., Florek R., Nosko M., Simancik F., Self-Propagating Synthesis of Ti-Al-C Powder Mixtures, Key Eng. Mater. 520 (2012) 347-352.

Cavojsky M., Balog M., Dvorak J., Illekova E., Svec P., Krizik P., Janickovic D., Simancik F., Microstructure and properties of extruded rapidly solidified AlCr4.7Fe1.1Si0.3 (at.%) alloys, Mater. Sci. Eng., A 549 (2012) 233-241.

Balog M., Simancik F., Walcher M., Rajner W., Poletti C., Extruded Al-Al2O3 composites formed in situ during consolidation of ultrafine Al powders: the effect of powder surface area, Mater. Sci. Eng., A 529 (2011) 131– 137.

Yu P., Balog M., Yan M., Schaffer G.B., Qian M., In situ fabrication and mechanical properties of Al–AlN composite by hot extrusion of partially nitrided AA6061 powder, J. Mater. Res. 26 (2011) 1719-1725.

Balog M., Poletti C., Simancik F., Walcher M., Rajner W., The effect of native Al2O3 skin disruption on properties of fine Al powder compacts, J. Alloys Compd. 509S (2011) S235–S238.

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Balog M., Simancik F., Bajana O., Requena G., ECAP vs. direct extrusion - techniques for consolidation of ultra-fine Al particles, Mater. Sci. Eng., A 504 (2009) 1-7.

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Vojtěch D., Verner J., Šerák J., Simančík F., Balog M., Nagy J., Properties of thermally stable PM Al-Cr based alloy, Mater. Sci. Eng., A 458 (2007) 371-380.

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Haynes T. G. III, Walcher M., Balog M., High temperature nano composite aluminium alloy and method therfore, US 8323373 B2, date of priority Oct 27th 2006

Selected conference presentations

M. Balog, J. Viskic, P. Krizik, Z. Schauperl, M. Snajdar, Z. Stanec, A. Catic, CP Ti fabricated by low temperature extrusion of HDH powder: application in dentistry, in PM Titanium 2015 Leuphana University Lüneburg, (08/2015)

Balog M., Simancik F., Krizik P., Nosko M., Rajner W., Walcher M., Qian M., Novel ultrafine-grained aluminium metal matrix composites prepared from fine atomized Al powders, in TMS 2014 Annual Meeting & Exhibition, San Diego, (02/2014)

Balog M., Simancik F., Svantner T., Qian M., Liu D.-S., Jeng Y.-R., Novel in-Situ formed Al-AlN Ultrafine-grained composites prepared from fine nitrided Al powders, In Euro PM 2013, Goethenburg, (10/2013)

Balog M., Simancik F., Walcher M., Rajner W., Poletti C., (SAP concept) in situ formed Al-Al2O3 composites: the effect of powder size on composite’s mechanical properties, in Euro PM 2011, Barcelona, (10/2011)

Balog M., Cavojsky M., Simancik F., Izdinsky K., Svec P., Janickovic D., Illekova E., Microstructures and properties of extruded AlCrFe melt-spun ribbons profiles, in ISMANAM 2010, Zurich, (07/2010)

Balog M., Nagy J., Simančík F., Heat resistant ultra-fine grained profiles prepared via consolidation of fine Al particles using direct extrusion (DE) and equal channel angular pressing (ECAP), in Aluminium 2007, Staré Splavy, (10/2007)

Balog M., Nagy J., Simancik F., Izdinsky K., Heat resistant ultra-fine grained Al profiles, in ISMANAM 2006, Warsaw, (08/2006)

Balog M., Nagy J., Izdinsky K., Simancik F., Ultrafinegrained PM aluminium profiles, in Powder metallurgy 2004, 10/2004. Shrewsbury: EPMA, Vienna, (10/2004)



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Dr. Simancik Frantisek
Institute of Materials and Machine Mechanics, The Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovakia

Dr. Ma Qian
School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering, University of Queensland, Australia

Prof. Enrique J. Lavernia
Advanced Materials Research Group, College of Engineering, University of California Davis, USA