Investment casting of turbine blades from nickel based superalloys

Project start:01.11.2013
Project end:31.10.2016
Programme:Academic agreement
Institute position in the project:Project co-lead partner
Project leader at the institute:Juraj Lapin
The aim of the project INCAST is to develop optimal casting procedure and to determine casting parameters for processing prototype turbine blades from nickel-based superalloy CMSX-4 with columnar and single crystal structure by directional solidification. The prototype turbine blades will be produced in laboratories of IMMM SAS in the Bridgman type of apparatus, which will be especially redesigned and constructed for directional solidification of complex shaped castings in the frame of the project. The project includes fundamental solidification study to determine the effect of solidification parameters on morphology of solid-liquid interface, microstructure, columnar to equiaxed transition and macrosegregation and microsegregation behaviour of alloying elements. The project will be executed in close collaboration with Turkish institution TUBITAK MAM, which will be responsible for development and processing of melting crucibles and ceramic moulds for directional solidification of turbine blades. Complementary experimental facilities, expertise and capacities of both partners will be extensively used to characterise the cast components. The microstructure of the alloy will be studied by OM, SEM, TEM, Laue method, EDS and WDS. The casting defects will be determined by non-destructive testing using radiography and high resolution 3D tomography. Heat treatments of the cast components will be optimised to avoid local premature microstructure degradation during service and to achieve required mechanical properties. The microstructure degradation will be studied at uniaxial and multiaxial stress conditions during creep at temperatures and applied loads corresponding to operating conditions of turbine blades.
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