Vibration mitigation of the vehicle driver/operator in two directions (axis) by passive, active or semi-active vibration control systems while accounting for properties of real excitation from road, terrain and driving unit

Project start:01.01.2010
Project end:31.12.2012
Project number:2/0075/10
Institute position in the project:The only one project investigator
Project leader:Juraj Stein
A planar mechanical model of seated human body was designed, providing a markedly better fit to experimental data than hitherto models.
A fore-and-aft driver’s seat suspension system with a non-linear damper was designed and analysed by simulation means.
The system attenuates concurrently random vibration and shocks.
Vibration damping of a mechanical system employing two types of electro-mechanical actuator was solved. A 3.5- and 7.5-times better vibration attenuation was demonstrated by simulation means.
The methodology of local road distresses separation from road profile by median filtering was designed. The unique result is identification of shapes and dimensions of 17000 local defects by processing of real road profiles and identification of type and parameters of the theoretical probability distribution for particular dimensions. An algorithm for simulating of random road profiles with local obstacles was proposed. The best analytical approximation of road elevation spectrum was identified.
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