Vibration mitigation of driver-operator in fore-and-aft direction by passive, active or semi-active vibration control systems

Project start:01.01.2006
Project end:31.12.2008
Project number:2/6161/27
Institute position in the project:The only one project investigator
Project leader:Juraj Stein
Human body models for the fore-and-aft and the lateral directions were elaborated, including steering-wheel reaction. Their parameters depend on excitation intensity. Models were used in simulation of suspended driver’s seats in a rail vehicle and in a road vehicle. In-depth analysis of correct usage of various models of Coulomb friction in a single degree-of-freedom oscillator was undertaken and conditions for onset of chaotic oscillations were analysed.

In the field of modelling and analysis of longitudinal road unevenness the influence of non-standard road profiles and of the waviness parameter on the road unevenness indicators, as well as on vehicle vibratory response was analysed. A new road classification scheme was developed. The uncertainty of unevenness indicators was analysed, too.

In collaboration with SAS Institute of Measurement a compact measuring system using three-axial MEMS accelerometers was developed for in-vehicle vibration measurement and assessment of seating dynamic properties.
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