Micro and Nanocrystalline Silicide - Refractory Metals FGM for Materials Innovation in Transport Applications

Project start:01.10.2009
Project end:31.12.2014
Project number:NMP3-SL-2009-229127
Institute position in the project:Project lead partner
Project leader:František Simančík
A new class of high temperature composites consisting of a continuous refractory metal framework (Nb, Mo, W) embedded in a silicide matrix will be developed. Continuous (percolating) porous skeletons of refractory metal (Nb, Mo, W) will be infiltrated with molten silicon or silicon based alloy using gas pressure infiltration (GPI). During GPI partial reactions between melt and refractory metal will take place, forming silicides predominantly in the vicinity of the surface of porous precursor, leaving less free silicon for formation of silicides inside the porous structure, thus making in situ FGMs with gradiently increasing metal content towards the core of composite.
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