Collaboration between science and industry brings benefits to both

ELEKTROKARBON a.s. is Slovak producer of carbon materials and products for transport and industry. After economic reform in 1990 like many other Slovak companies, it had problems with competition in the European/global market. But unlike many other companies, even in difficult times, ELEKTROKARBON a.s. invested in research.

In years 2003 - 2008, we developed and optimised technology for infiltration of graphite with molten copper for mass production of copper impregnated carbon strips for sliding contacts. After this, we manufactured and delivered complete technological infiltration equipment for mass production of sliding contacts for rail vehicles with length up to 1200 mm for ELEKTROKARBON a.s. Copper impregnated carbon strips with such dimensions gave to ELEKTROKARBON a.s. competitive advantge in the market and saved work places in the company.
Technological equipment 1 
Technological equipment 2 
Technological mass production equipment manufactured in our Institute for Elektrokarbon a.s.