Scientific Conference Welding Technology 2022

On November 9, 2022, a scientific conference "Welding technology 2022 - EU industry development technology" was held at the premises of PRVÁ ZVÁRAČSKÁ, a.s., on Kopčianska street in Bratislava. PRVÁ ZVÁRAČSKÁ, a.s. organized the scientific conference in cooperation with the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava (MTF, SJF), the University of Žilina, the Institute of Materials and Machine Mechanics SAS., the International Laser Center in Bratislava and TRUMPF Slovakia s.r.o.. All participants of the scientific conference were welcomed by the CEO of PRVÁ ZVÁRAČSKÁ, a. s. by dr. H. c. Ing. Peter Fodrek, PhD., who emphasized the importance of promoting exciting innovations and ideas of young researchers in the welding field in his speech. Our doctoral student Ing. Lucia Kopčanová, also participated in this event. She presented a planned project supported by the Research and Development Support Agency entitled "Welding duplex steels with a dual laser beam," whose leader is IMSAS in cooperation with PRVA ZVÁRAČSKÁ, a. s., and the Slovak Technical University (MTF STU). The project is designed to produce the highest quality welds with almost no error rate to facilitate the welding process in terms of saving raw materials, energy, and working time.