Patent validation of MgB2-based superconductor with Al-based cladding and method of its production

The Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic assigned patent number E40256 to the European patent number 3625833. On October 26, 2022, published in the Bulletin of the Office of Industrial Property of the Slovak Republic no. 22/2022 and by information on making available the translation of the European patent file the verification process was concluded.
The invention relates to a light superconductor based on MgB2 with a light composite shell based on aluminum (Al). Al composite shell meets demanding and conflicting requirements, since technologically enables the production of ultralight thin superconducting wires with a core based on  MgB2, and at the same time provides suitable mechanical and electrical properties necessary for superconductor operation. The method according to the invention describes a productive production process superconductor with an Al composite shell at low production costs.
HITEMAL® is a registered trademark of the Al+Al2O3 composite the originators used in this case as the sheath of a superconducting wire with an MgB2 core.
The superconducting effect can be used in many applications in space, aviation, and the energy industry, where low rotational and total are necessary for several reasons
weight of superconductor devices. The light weight of the superconductor in such applications leads to higher energy efficiency, lower power consumption, and higher speeds and accelerations of moving equipment.
Currently, through KTT SAS, technological companies have been approached, with whom there is a discussion regarding the application of this patented solution.
Originators of the invention:
BALOG Martin, Ing. PhD., Bratislava
KRÍŽIK Peter, Ing. PhD., Bratislava
KOVÁČ Pavol, Ing. DrSc., Borinka
HUŠEK Imrich, Ing., Bratislava
KOPERA Ľubomír, Bratislava
ROSOVÁ Alica, Ing. CSc., Bratislava
The originators of the invention come from:
Institute of Materials and Machine Mechanics SAS, Bratislava
Institute of Electrical Engineering SAS, Bratislava
(97) EP 3625833 B1