Institute of materials and machine mechanics SAS has become a public research institution

From January 1, 2022, Institute of materials and machine mechanics SAS changed its legal form from the state contributory organization to a "public research institution" (in Slovak: verejná výskumná  inštitúcia, abbr. v. v. i.).

The public research institution is a new type of legal entity in Slovakia defined in Act no. 243/2017 Coll.

The main activity of a public research institution is the research, provision and management of the research infrastructure, gaining and dissemination of scientific information and participation on PhD study programmes of universities. For the main activity, the founder provides the public research institution with funding from the state budget. The public research institution itself can also apply for additional funds from public sources. By the Act, the public research institution is authorized to do business.

Unlike in the previous legal form, the Institute will have its own property (so far, it only managed the property of state) and will be able to establish other legal entities such as startups or spinoffs.