BIACOM®- Composite Material for Implants

Scientists from the SAV Institute of Materials and Machine Mechanics have developed a new titanium-magnesium composite material BIACOM® (BIOActive COmposite Metal), targeted for applying dental bone implants. By using a new material prepared by powder metallurgy methods, it was possible to reduce the main shortcomings of the titanium-based implants used so far, especially their mechanical incompatibility, the so-called voltage shielding effect, and insufficient surface activity with living tissue. Compared to conventional solutions, BIACOM® brings improved biocompatibility, enhanced osseointegration, improved mechanical bonding at the interface with a bone while maintaining sufficient mechanical and fatigue properties, and competitive costs.
Martin Balog, Peter Krížik, Amir Ćatić, Zdravko Schauperl
We are looking for partners for commercialization of the technology.

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