Solidification path, high temperature phase equilibria and the effect of solidification parameters on microstructure during directional solidification of TiAl based alloys


Development of new TiAl based alloys requires experimental data about their high temperature phase equilibria, phase transformation temperatures and solidification path to verify validity of thermodynamic calculations used for their design. Directional solidification in a Bridgman type apparatus combined with quenching and in situ measurements of temperature profiles is applied for such fundamental experimental studies. Microstructure analysis of quench during solidification samples and in-situ temperature measurements result in identification of primary solidification phase, solidification path and estimation of phase transformation temperatures.



SL interface a 
SL interface b 
SL interface c 
OM micrographs showing the effect of growth rate V on morphology of solid-liquid interface at a constant temperature gradient
Heating curveExample of heating curve measured in situ in the sample using Bridgman apparatus for directional solidification

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